AMD Ryzen 2nd generation processors will use solder

Using solder as internal thermal interface in AMD Ryzen and Threadripper processors provided excellent thermal conductivity and the ability to effectively cool the CPU. This fact in itself has become almost a competitive advantage over Intel chips for which thermal paste is used.

The solder provides excellent contact between the crystal and the processor heat spreading cover. In this case, the ability to remove heat from the internal silicon wafer depends on the efficiency of the cooling system.

The low-melting indium solder is used for the Summit Ridge family

Therefore, even enthusiasts do not have the idea of ​​"scalping" the CPU to improve heat dissipation. Firstly, it is technically difficult and dangerous to damage the chip, and secondly it makes no practical sense, as it does not allow achieving better results.

An autopsy revealed that Ryzen 5 2400G under the cover has a thermoplastic interface (thermal paste)

The standard solder is very good, but soldering requires additional heat treatment, which complicates the process and increases the cost of manufacturing the processors. It is for this reason that the manufacturer used the thermoplastic interface for the new hybrid chips Ryzen 3 2200G and Ryzen 5 2400G. This step caused a wave of dissatisfaction with some users and fears that for the future 12-nanometer Ryzen 2 generation processors, thermal paste, rather than solder, can also be used.

The developers hastened to reassure the admirers of their products, saying that for the new Ryzen processors , which should appear already in April, nevertheless solder will be used. In the discussion that took place in the fields of Reddit, technical marketing specialist Robert Hallock noted that the APU area is a very competitive and sensitive segment, therefore, the company considered it rational to use a thermoplastic interface, which copes with its task. But chips for enthusiasts - this is quite another matter, because for the new Ryzen without built-in graphics, only solder will be used. AMD understands that this is important, especially for fans of overclocking.

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