NVIDIA will not release any new GPU until July or even August

Recently, various thematic sources have published several messages indicating the announcement / release of new graphics solutions of NVIDIA already at the March industry events GDC (Game Developers Conference) and GTC ( GPU Technology Conference). However, the new data indicates that we will not see any new GPUs from NVIDIA before July or even August of this year.

Immediately we will clarify that under the new GPU, in this case we mean the Turing miner GPUs (which may eventually turn out to be gaming ) and consumer (game) Ampere. Earlier rumors indicated that the first will be used in graphics accelerators specially designed for the production of crypto currency, while the latter will form the basis for a new generation of GeForce video cards that will replace the current Pascal. It was suggested that this NVIDIA wants to divide the market of video cards into consumer and miner's, thereby solving the problem of shortage and increasing the prices for new cards. Now to the point.

Tom's Hardware Guide, referring to industry sources, writes that initially NVIDIA partners had to start developing graphics cards based on the Turing generation of graphics solutions right now, but as a result, the terms were moved to May. The launch of mass production of new video cards is now scheduled for mid-June, and the announcement is expected in July, and even August. Allegedly, NVIDIA has no reason to hurry with the withdrawal of new models, the current Pascal generation video cards are sold well, and AMD is not capable of giving a worthy rebuff (in the top segment so accurately).

The source also claims that NVIDIA decided to slow down with the conclusion of the next generation architecture Ampere in the consumer segment, confining ourselves to the professional segment where the Volta architecture is now used. The latter will finally move to the consumer segment. This will allow the chip maker to make the most of the Volta's architecture, leaving it for another generation in the consumer segment. Initially, it was believed that in the consumer segment, NVIDIA would skip the Volta architecture and immediately release adapters on the next-generation Ampere architecture.

Source: Tom's Hardware

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