The consumer SSD Intel Optane 800P

Intel announced the launch of a new line of consumer SSD Optane 800P, which was originally announced at the recent CES 2018.

New products complement the previously released high-performance models Optane SSD 900P and are designed to replace The original Optane Memory series, available in 16GB and 32GB. The new Intel Optane SSD 800P SSDs are available in 58GB and 118GB capacities, they are also primarily targeted for use as bootable ones to accelerate the operation of the OS and applications.

New models are made in the form factor M. 2 2280, are designed for PCIe 3.0 x2 connection and support the NVMe protocol for combining into a RAID array for further performance improvement.

The speed indicators for both models are the same. Maximum sequential read and write speeds reach 1450 MB / s and 640 MB / s respectively, peak performance at random reading (8 GB section) - 250,000 IOPS, random recording - 145,000 IOPS.

Using 3D XPoint memory, the resource at SSD Intel Optane 800P is at a high level - the manufacturer claimed a score of 365 TBW (the amount of data in terabytes that can be written to the drive during the warranty period). By the way, the warranty period is five years.

As for the price, the 58 GB drive costs $ 130, and the 118 GB version costs $ 200.

Source: Intel

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