Apple introduced the iPhone SE, the new iPad Pro and iOS 9.3

Apple held a presentation during which it pleased the users with the new iPhone SE, which looks similar to the iPhone 5’s favorite by many users, being characterized by the hardware of the iPhone 6s, 26% of which are users of the Android operating system . But this is not the only announcement of this presentation. New iPad tablets were also shown, and iOS 9.3 was released.


Resource The Verge led an illustrated report from this amazing presentation of the company, which is preparing on April 1, 2016 to celebrate its fortieth anniversary.


The company introduced new straps for Apple Watch from nylon, as every third user prefers to change the straps. The head of the company Tim Cook named new bright straps for smart watches “spring series”. In fact, in spring nature acquires bright colors.


In the App Store there are already 5,000 applications for Apple TV. According to Tim Cook, in the future, television will be based on applications.


Most of all, users wanted to know what the iPhone SE would become. This is a phone with a 4-inch screen, an A9 processor and an M9 coprocessor. As productive as the iPhone 6s, it looks like the iPhone 5. The new smartphone has a 12-megapixel main camera. An additional camera on the front panel, to the delight of users, found Retina Flash. Update touched LTE.


New supports payments Apple Pay. Prices (in US dollars) are different depending on the amount of the built-in drive: 16-gigabyte - 399; 64-gigabyte - 499.


From March 21, 2016, the operating system iOS 9.3 will be available. CarPlay will acquire advanced Apple Music and Maps applications. There were also protected notes, and Apple News added a section of the best articles. There was also a special night mode Night Shift.


With the use of iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, young artists can draw, dispensing with the usual paper albums. iPad Pro with 9.7-inch display. The size of the display is due to the fact that this screen size is the most popular among consumers. Apple Pencil - accessory-stylus, which in the company itself is considered the most significant ever developed by Apple accessories.


Apple sold 200 million tablets with such displays.


The new technology of the Oxide TFT displays is characterized by 40 percent reduced reflection and 25 percent higher brightness compared to the iPad Air 2. Night Shift is also supported by the new technology.


A new tablet measures the ambient color temperature and adjusts the image for it, thereby ensuring maximum color accuracy. The new tablet is based on the A9X processor.


An excellent addition to the new iPad Pro is the miniature Smart Keyboard keyboard. The iPad Pro has a 12-megapixel main camera and a self-contained camera on the front panel. In many respects, its characteristics are similar to those of the iPhone SE. The tablet supports video recording with 4K resolution.


iPad Pro 9.7 will cost the buyer (depending on the volume of the drive) at $ 599 (for a 32-gigabyte version), $ 749 (for a 128-gigabyte version), $ 899 (for a 256-gigabyte version). The price of a 12.9-inch iPad with a 256-gigabyte drive will be $ 1099.


The company also presented two adapters - USB Camera Adapter and SD Card Reader.


Receiving preliminary orders for the iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7 will begin on March 24, 2016. The sale of new items is scheduled for March 31. Already before the end of May, the phone will be available in 100 countries.


These are the results of Apple’s long-awaited presentation on March 21, 2016. Next year the company moves to a new campus, so it is possible that the current presentation is the final in a long string of bright announcements of Apple that saw the light in this room.


The set presented today is traditional for company presentations . Since the autumn of last year, Android Wear supports the smartphones of the Cupertino technology company .


It was with the advent of the iPhone that people began to use the Internet massively from their phones, although there were phones with fairly convenient browsers before entering the market .


What are the impressions of the new iPhone and the new iPad Pro?



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