First Date Ideas: Where to Go With a Girl

Just a couple of days ago, you puzzled how to get her out to a meeting, but a miracle happened – she agreed. So, you move on to the next level: the first date. Where, how, why, and what will come of it – let's estimate the most likely options for your meeting. So, there are the top 5 ideas on where you can take a girl on the first date.

Cafes and restaurants

This is the universal solution and the first thing that comes to mind when you're thinking about where to go on the first date. But despite all the versatility of this idea, there are some pitfalls you should know about. So, keep in mind that in such places, food and conversation will be your main entertainment. Do you know how to talk to unfamiliar people, can easily find topics for conversation, and do not stare at the decolletage while a lady tells you about the adventures of her miniature poodle? Not sure? Then you should prepare for the meeting:

  • Invite a girl not just to a decent cafe, but to a cafe with an interesting history. This will give you more topics of conversation.
  • Pretend that you know at least a thing or two about the content of your glasses, thus, the evening will take on a new cultural level.
  • Visit an anti-cafe with board games or consoles. There surely will not be awkward pauses in your conversations.


The last rows in the cinema have been the typical answer to the question "Where to go on a date?" since the time of the Lumiere brothers. And that makes sense, what's wrong with that a lady snuggles up to your courageous chest while the screen villain shreds another victim? And after that, you can find out about her views on the unraveling of the Star Wars plot and other vital things – you will definitely have something to discuss over a cup of coffee after the film.

Amusement park

This first date option always works well even with those who have long passed the age of cotton candy. By the way, do not neglect these little things when hanging out with a girl: buy her poisonous pink cotton candy and tasty ice cream, win a plush elephant in the shot gallery, go on the rides... We will not delve into the depths of a woman's soul, just remember: for some reason, all women love to feel like “small girls". So:

  • Hold her hand, give her an armful of balloons, and act like you're walking your favorite 3-year-old niece (who luckily doesn't eat sand). The easier you perceive this holiday of infantilism, the higher the chances of getting pleasure from it.
  • Don't get lost on the roller coaster. In a fit of horror and screeching, the girl will not even notice how she hugs the one she met only yesterday.
  • Or maybe instead of rides – a water park? This is a unique chance to see a girl in a swimsuit at the very first meeting, especially if you are engaged in Ukrainian women dating!

Ice skating rink, billiards, and bowling

Going to an ice rink is a good idea, but not always a successful one. Perhaps in your head, there is a picture of how you heroically pick up a girl in your arms and save her from a broken ankle, but... In reality, everything may not be like that. If she doesn't know how to skate, you're going to get a sweaty and disheveled girl who thinks only about the running make-up and how to get out of this scrape with honor. In a word, offer such things to those girls who are quite good at them. Elsewise, it is better to invite the lady to billiards or bowling. It's much easier to master these sports without harming make-up, stilettos, and your relationship.

What to do if you have no money

What if you are completely broke? “Devote time to work” – common sense suggests, but we will not listen to it. After all, there are places where a poor artist still can walk his muse a week before the salary:

  • Check out what's in your fridge and arrange a picnic in the park: feeding ducks, boat trips, romantic photoshoots in nature… Everyone will like it, even the ducks.
  • Invite her for a cup of tea (of course, from a thermos) on the roof of a high-rise building: pigeons, sunset, romance... Check the weather forecast and take a blanket with you.
  • Explore the program of free city events: festivals, lectures, shows, and tastings. You will definitely find something interesting there.

Above all, remember that on any date, the main thing is not the place but the mood. Good luck!

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