LG and Here endow self-managed cars with the ability to "communicate" with each other

Now, more and more technology companies are claiming in one form or another their claims to their share in the newly emerging self-managed car market. And many of them are betting on solutions that in the future will allow cars to exchange among themselves various important information. LG and HERE Technologies this week announced a collaboration aimed at creating "next-generation telematics solutions" for autonomous transport.

Simply put, companies intend to offer automakers an advanced communication device that will allow cars to "communicate" - exchange the most diverse information about the direction and speed of traffic, the situation on the road and so on. All this is expected to lead to a reduction in the number of traffic accidents, congestion and increased overall road safety.

The development will combine LG's achievements in telematics, as well as geolocation and cartographic services. Here. In general, it will absorb all the best that companies can offer for self-governing cars.

LG says that upon completion of development, the telematics system will play a key role in providing communication between autonomous vehicles. It is she who will be responsible for reading the information already analyzed in the cloud, previously collected by various sensors of the autonomous movement of the car and using V2X technology, with the aim of making further decisions in each specific case for a particular car. For example, a car can learn from another car that ahead of the traffic is slightly difficult and bypass this problem site.

Note that this is by no means the first attempt of LG to declare itself in the market of self-governing cars. Back in 2014, the South Korean manufacturer joined forces with Mercedes to develop an automatic braking system. In addition, LG already supplies batteries and other components for cars. This new alliance only makes it clear that LG is keen to bite off as much of the pie as possible. And for this the company does not need to produce cars, it is enough to act as a provider of a platform through which they will interact with each other.

Recall, HERE Technologies is a former cartographic unit of Nokia, which in 2015 was sold to a consortium with the participation of Audi AG, BMW Group and Daimler AG for 2.8 billion euros.

Source: LG Newsroom

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