Magna will present at CES 2018 an advanced electric drive system etelligentDrive, which has already been tested on the modified Tesla Model S

Magna company will bring to CES 2018 prototype e1, built on the basis of the electric vehicle Tesla Model S. The specialists of the company decided that they could build more efficient drive system, therefore replaced the factory components of the creation of Ilona Mask on its own system etelligentDrive.

It consists of two compact blocks placed above the front and rear axle of the car, respectively. Each of these modules contains an electric motor (s), an inverter and a reducer, which simplifies installation on the car and saves space.

The prototype Magna e1 uses a block with one electric motor on the front axle and two electric motors on the rear , which allows you to separately control the rear wheels, realizing the control of the thrust vector. Each of the engines in the etelligentDrive system has a power output of 190 hp. (140 kW), which allows the electric vehicle to give out a total of 570 hp. (420 kW).

It should be noted that Magna has been a supplier of ready-made solutions for electric vehicle manufacturers in Europe and the USA for about 10 years. In particular, its experts participated in the development of electric Ford Focus Electric, as well as in the creation of plug-in hybrids Volvo V60 and S60 in 2012.

The company will offer its etelligentDrive system to all comers, since at the moment it does not plan to create its own model of electric vehicle .

Source: Magna

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