Tesla set an absolute record for sales of cars last year (more than 100 thousand), but the production of Model 3 is still behind schedule

Tesla released data on car sales in the fourth quarter and following the results of 2017 in whole. Discarding the pessimistic statements of skeptics and even more gloomy versions of ruffians, it is now possible to see how much the manufacturer managed to increase the production of Model 3, and this is what most people are interested in more than the rest. But we will start with the general results.

So, last year Tesla shipped to buyers a total of 101 312 cars. This is 33% more than a year earlier. If we highlight only the results of the last quarter, the number of cars delivered to the market is 29,870 pieces. Of these, 15,200 made up the Model S sedans and 13 120 Model X crossovers. The remaining 1550 "extra" cars is just the number of Model 3 delivered to customers. That is, the results for Model 3 are still rather modest. Also, the manufacturer noted a 9% qoq increase in sales and a 27% annual growth.

Tesla also notes that in the last quarter of 2017, 2,425 copies of Model 3 were produced, 793 of them were off the assembly line in the last week of the year . That is, the manufacturer managed to increase production tenfold in comparison with volumes a quarter earlier. As expected, the pace of production of the Model S and Model X has slowed slightly to increase the output of the younger model Model 3.

The manufacturer recognizes the backlog from the originally planned output and plans to reach a figure of 2500 Model 3 released per week this quarter. At the level of output of five thousand machines Model 3 per week, the manufacturer now plans to release only in the second quarter of 2018. Initially, Tesla spoke of the intention to reach a volume of 10,000 Model 3 per week in 2018, but these plans were postponed indefinitely.

Tesla places a special emphasis on the fact that for the period from December 9 to December 31 produced the same Model 3, how many for all four with a little month from the moment of the beginning of manufacture. Actually, this explains the significant difference between the number of cars produced and delivered to buyers. The company simply did not have time to deliver the machines to customers.

Tesla also noted that the number of deliveries of Model 3 cars to ordinary buyers, and not to company employees, is growing rapidly.

In the coming weeks, Tesla should publish the full financial report for the fourth quarter of 2017 financial year and the whole year as a whole. After that, you can look at the company's financial performance and learn about sales plans for this year.

Source: The Verge

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