AMD will produce 7-nm products at TSMC plants

ADATA will show at IFA 2018 new gaming accessories, high-capacity memory cards, protected external drives and chargers

Today's presentation of new video games NVIDIA will be broadcast online (beginning - at 19:00)

In Ukraine, the new NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards will be significantly more expensive, for the standard version of the flagship RTX 2080 Ti (Founders Edition) will have to give as much as 39 990 UAH

The list of games that will be supported by NVIDIA RTX technologies includes more than two dozen titles

NVIDIA compared the performance of video cards GeForce RTX 2080 and GTX 1080 in games. The new model was twice as fast

By December, AMD intends to launch the production of chips on the 7-nm process technology: CPU Rome and GPU Vega 20

How Important Is Emotional Connection in a Relationship?

Love is not just an abstract concept of sentimental literature, love is a deep need for attachment. It is vitally important for a person to know that they are of great value to someone. The search for and maintenance of contact with meaningful others is an innate and main motivating factor in people. If the one to whom you are attached becomes emotionally inaccessible, you can start experiencing anxiety, fear, consternation, and alienation. All this, in turn, triggers dangerous cycles of interaction that destroy relationships. The emotional disconnection of partners is much more dangerous than their inability to negotiate during a conflict. In fact, every couple gets through quarrels, but while partners have an emotional connection, nothing serious will happen to their relationships.

First Date Ideas: Where to Go With a Girl

Just a couple of days ago, you puzzled how to get her out to a meeting, but a miracle happened – she agreed. So, you move on to the next level: the first date. Where, how, why, and what will come of it – let's estimate the most likely options for your meeting. So, there are the top 5 ideas on where you can take a girl on the first date.

AR-sunglasses Everysight for cyclists go on sale

While virtual reality is well manifested in video games and entertainment, augmented reality occupies other niches. Now the manufacturers of AR-devices are actively introducing them into the systems of control and management of transport. And it’s not necessarily about cars, more and more often the reality is suggested to use motorcyclists, bicycle owners, lovers of skis and skateboards. The …

Logitech and HTC have developed a keyboard for VR

The other day, the two development companies jointly introduced a novelty - a tracker that can transfer the user’s keyboard and hands into virtual reality. The technology, according to the press release, will allow simple users and developers to comfortably enter text while playing or developing and debugging the application. The BRIDGE kit costs $ 150. The kit …

For people with Parkinson’s disease developed a “laser shoes”

Modern technologies often come to the rescue of people, especially if it concerns improving the quality of life of people with various incurable diseases. Such, for example, as Parkinson’s disease . The phrase “laser shoes” may sound somewhat ridiculous, but how else can you name shoes equipped with small lasers, with which they help patients with Parkinson normally move on their own …

Panasonic introduced a unique exoskeleton

Exoskeletons have long ceased to be a lot of fantastic films and video games, and many companies are already developing a variety of models of such devices. But if most of the developments are used in the military sphere or for training athletes, the new brainchild of Panasonic is designed to help ordinary people. This is an …
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